Smoke Free St. Louis County Coalition

We are working towards smoke-free indoor air in all workplaces.

Good for Health

Exposure to secondhand smoke increases the risk of heart disease and lung cancer. Making all workplaces smoke-free can improve public health for everyone who lives, works and plays here. Residents of St. Louis are left unprotected from secondhand smoke due to lack of a strong countywide law that protects everyone from secondhand smoke, no matter where you work.


Good for Business

A CDC study measuring the economic impact of smoke-free laws in 11 Missouri communities found that eight of the 11 cities had increased taxable sales for eating and drinking establishments post ordinance. The remaining three experienced no change. A smoke-free ordinance does not harm a local economy.


Good for Our Region

Most of the United States population is covered under smoke-free policies. Other leading regions like Kansas City, Chicago, and New Orleans have already gone smoke-free. Currently, there are 34 local smoke-free laws in the state of the Missouri protecting 31% of our population. We are missing out on conventions and tourism due not have a smoke-free indoor air law.

  • 67% of St. Louis County Residents SUPPORT a smoke-free indoor air law.

Join the majority of ST. LOUIS residents in support of smoke-free workplaces.

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